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Planting Seeds in Exploring Earth Systems for the Blue Hill Community Garden. Thanks for the photo, Steve Whitney.

Prepping for tacos in Culinary Arts. Thanks for the photo, Chef Lu.

Socratic seminar in AP English.

DNA research in AP Bio.

Prepping the greenhouse in Exploring Earth Systems. Thanks for the photo, Steve Whitney.

Building an Igloo in Outdoor Leadership. Thanks for the photo, Dan Kane.

Timing a pumpkin drop in Physics.

Sometimes we learn because it satisfies our curiosity, or is self-fulfilling, or expands who we are. Sometimes we learn because it prepares us for later education, or for a career, or to be good citizens of our community. All these aspects of learning can be found in the curriculum and education at GSA. David Stearns, Dean of Curriculum & Instruction.

How are our programs unique?

Our Program of Studies

The Program of Studies includes GSA's graduation requirements, a guide to course selection and post-graduation planning, and course lists and other information for each of our departments/programs: English, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, World Languages, Visual and Performing Arts, Industrial Technology & Engineering, Computer Technology, Health & Physical Education, Signature Programs. Read or download our Program of Studies, with clickable links to each section, below.

Read or download 2024-25  Program of Studies