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    Make this yearbook the best ever!



    Yearbook Senior Info Deadline: Opportunity for Senior Yearbook information will be closed on November 28, 2021. If your senior has not submitted their senior photo, senior baby picture, or their senior words by November 28th, they will not be included with their picture in the yearbook. Students who do not submit a senior photo will have their Lifetouch school photo placed in the yearbook. Please email Erin Wenal at e.wenal@georgestevens.org with any questions.

    Senior Recognition Ads: Attention seniors and senior families, we are selling senior recognition ads for the yearbook. CLICK HERE for a flyer that provides directions on how to go about that. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Erin Wenal at e.wenal@georgestevens.org.


    Share Your Photos with Us!

    Students, staff, and families, the yearbook staff invites you to submit photos for the 2022 Mountain Echo. If you've got great photos of school and community events, or of you and your friends just having fun, we'd like to see them. It's easy! Just follow these five steps.

         1. Visit images.jostens.com,

         2. Enter this User ID: 416224416

         3. Browse to select the photo(s) you wish to upload

         4. Enter information about the photo and provide contact info in case the staff needs additional information

         5. Click "Upload Chosen Images"

         The last day to submit photos is March 1, 2022.


    Would you like to help with the yearbook?

         Email yearbook adviser Erin Wenal at e.wenal@georgestevens.org.

         Find George_Stevens_Yearbook on Instagram.

         Find George Stevens-Yearbook on Facebook.