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Supporting GSA

A Tradition of Giving

Our school was founded by an act of philanthropy.

In his will dated 1852, Bluehill shipbuilder George Stevens bequeathed his “homestead and appurtenances,” along with generous funds, to establish an academy “for the purposes of education forever.” GSA opened in 1898 and has since benefited from many thoughtful and transformative acts of philanthropy. These include gifts to increase George Stevens’ original endowment, capital campaigns to improve facilities, and an annual GSA Annual Fund that helps close the gap between tuition revenue and the actual costs of educating students. 

Above all, the GSA Annual Fund and other acts of philanthropy support and enhance a diverse curriculum and learning experiences that enable every student on this peninsula to find a path to success.

One of the most important gifts you can make to GSA is a donation to the GSA Annual Fund. Every year every dollar of the GSA Annual Fund goes to improve and support the experience of every student.

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