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    9/22 - Girls soccer game against Mt. View has been cancelled for today. 
    Wednesday's (9/7) JV boys soccer game against Ellsworth has been cancelled. Varsity will play at 6. 
    Thursday 9/1 -   The volleyball game at Bucksport scheduled for 9/2 has been postponed to Oct. 6th. 
    Friday 8/26 - Girls soccer practiced CANCELED! 
    Friday 8/26 - The Girls Soccer Scrimmage at Bucksport has been postponed to Tuesday 8/30 4 and 5:30. Thank you!
    Thank you to everyone who came to the meeting last night! Reminder that all athletes need to have a current physical(given in the last 24 months) on record at the school. If you do not have a current physical on file, a copy may be given to your coach, nurse, main office or AD. All other paperwork must be completed as well to participate. If an athlete did not attend last night's meeting, they must schedule a time to meet with Ms. L'Heureux before they are eligible to practice.
    Practice times for Monday are as follows:
    Boys Soccer -   Goal Keepers  7AM   Everyone else 7:30AM - 9 AM
                              Goal Keepers 5:30 PM  Everyone else 6-7:30 PM
    Volleyball - 9am-11am
    Golf - 5:30 pm- 7:30 pm
    Girls Soccer - 4pm-6pm
    Cross Country - 9am or 7pm 
    Please make sure all athletes have the proper equipment and bring water to their practices! Please email me with any questions you may have! b.lheureux@georgestevens.org


    Discover Your Team

     Exhilarating, challenging, uplifting

    GSA students play on 29 teams in 12 sports over three seasons. It is fun to play a sport and be part of a team, but there are physical and mental benefits as well. Student-athletes learn the discipline needed to train, practice, and play on the court or field, and to balance the demands of practice and competition with full-time study.

         A well-organized sports program supports students’ self-expression, resiliency, mental toughness, and physical growth, and nurtures and reinforces their personal integrity and sense of fair play.

         We encourage a competitive spirit, but always balanced with a sense of fairness, good sportsmanship, a desire to improve, and taking joy in the game.

         We remind our athletes that their high visibility in the community invites others—particularly younger students—to look up to them as role models and emulate not only their athletic accomplishments, but their behavior. The GSA athlete bears a responsibility not only to his or her teammates, but to the school’s reputation and their own.

         Go Eagles!


    Requirements for participation

    All SIX requirements for participation, including the biennial physical exam, must be completed BEFORE the first practice.

    While we transition to a new digital form collection system, paper forms will be used. They will be given out at the mandatory preseason meeting.

          Read more about eligibility to participate here.


    Eligibility Rules

    (For complete eligibility rules and more information, read the athletics section of the Student-Parent Handbook online here: https://www.georgestevensacademy.org/Page/721.)

    Age Limitation: An athlete must be under the age of twenty at the time of participation.

    Physical Examination: An athlete must have passed a current 2-year physical exam. Record of the physical must be on file in the Athletic Office.

    Academics: The following academic eligibility rule has been adopted by George Stevens Academy.

         Most students successfully balance their academic work and extracurricular commitments. However, students who do not achieve and maintain satisfactory academic standing will not be allowed to participate in extracurricular activities that require significant and sustained time commitments until there is clear evidence of academic improvement. Such activities include jazz band/combo, drama, and competitive interscholastic activities such as athletics, chess team, and math team. Activities or events that are required for an academic class, such as field trips and band performances, are not affected by ineligibility criteria.

    Risk of Participation: All athletes and parents must realize the risk of serious injury that may result from athletic participation. George Stevens Academy will use the following safeguards to make every effort to eliminate injury.

    • Conduct a mandatory parent/athlete meeting prior to the start of the season to fully explain the athletic policies and to advise, caution and warn parents/athletes of the potential for injury.
    • Require coaches to keep up-to-date on techniques and skills to be taught in their sport.
    • Instruct all athletes about the danger of participation in the particular sport.
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