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    "Sport teaches you character, it teaches you to play by the rules, it teaches you to know what it feels like to win and lose—it teaches you about life."—Billie Jean King

  • Athletics at GSA

    GSA students play on 29 teams in 12 sports over three seasons. Not only is it fun to play a sport and be part of a team, but there are physical and mental benefits as well. Student-athletes learn the discipline needed not only to train, practice, and play on the court or field, but also to balance the demands of a practice and game schedule with full-time study.

         A well-organized sports program supports students’ self-expression, resiliency, mental toughness, and physical growth, and nurtures and reinforces their personal integrity and sense of fair play.

         We encourage a competitive spirit, but always balanced with a sense of fairness, good sportsmanship, a desire to improve, and an ability to enjoy the game.

         We remind our athletes that their high visibility in the community invites others—particularly younger students—to look up to them as role models and emulate not only our students’ athletic accomplishments, but their overall behavior.

         The GSA athlete bears a responsibility not only to his or her teammates, but to the school’s reputation as well as to their own reputation.

          Take some time to explore our athletics pages. There's the game calendar, and each season includes pages for the sports offered in that season, as well as the practice calendar, schedules, scoreboards, and transportation schedule. You can also read more about sports eligibility; find out about our hall of fame, championships, and awards; download sports documents; and read about GSA Athletics in the News.

          Go Eagles!


    Requirements for participation

    Note: All SIX requirements for participation, including the biennial physical exam, need to be completed BEFORE the first practice.  All forms will be completed online.  The link to the online forms are at https://formreleaf.com/organizations/george-stevens-academy

          If you created an account last year for your student athlete, you can login with that account information. You can auto-fill the information you used last year. This would only require you to update any information that has changed since last fall.

          If new to the site: Once at the link, you will click the “SIGN UP” link. When you have created the account, you will use the “LOG IN” link to enter the site so you can fill in the information for the student athlete.

          Please fill out all required information and make sure you sign all agreements for the athletic forms.

          Read more about eligibility to participate here.

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    Spectators welcome! (updated April 30)

    The spring sports season is underway. Visit our spring sports schedule or click on the Game Calendar.

         At the baseball and softball fields, there are separate areas for home and visiting fans. Social distancing* is required for all spectators. Home fans can cheer for our Eagles anywhere from the visiting dugout to a roped-off area just before the home dugout. Visiting fans can watch from the roped-off visiting team seating all the way along the outfield fence.

         Spectators at tennis matches (girls at the BH Country Club, boys at the GSA courts), whether cheering for the home team or visitors, also must follow social distancing rules. No specific areas have yet been designated for fans from either team, though areas where the teams sit may be roped off. Fans are asked not to go in the team areas.

         There are no home outdoor track meets, but as far as we know, spectators are welcome at those events with the expectation that they will, you guessed it, follow social distancing rules*. Please follow any other instructions regarding where you might stand to watch the events.

         *Following new state guidance, spectators are not required to wear masks at outdoor athletic events if they are able to maintain 6 feet of distancing from people not in their households.