• The Importance of Community

    George Stevens Academy is a community of learners, artists, athletes, but we also are an integral part of the communities of the Blue Hill Peninsula and beyond, and those communities are part of us. 

         Communities and schools strengthen each other. More than one in four GSA courses help students make substantial, direct connections to our communities through field trips, expert interviews, and class visits by local authors, politicians, and small-business owners. Our Independent Study and Internship Program draws on the strengths of GSA alumni and other community members to help our students explore their personal and professional interests, and many of those students go on to work in the fields they explored during ISIP, often right here where they made those first professional contacts.

         Public performances, like the winter and spring concerts, dramatic productions, steel band concerts, and the Jazz Band concert at the Blue Hill Fair, entertain and enliven our communities. And our summer programming is an educational resource that we hope to expand in the future.