• Welcome, Alumni!

    As an alum, you're a lifetime member of the George Stevens Academy community. One an Eagle, always an Eagle. Whether you live on the Blue Hill Peninsula or on the other side of the world, don't be a stranger! You are always invited to visit—catch a game, watch a performance, or just stop in to say "hello." 

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         Transcript Requests: If you attended George Stevens Academy and need a copy of your student transcript, please contact Registrar Debbie Davis at d.davis@georgestevens.org or at 207-374-2120.

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  • Give for the Next Generation

    Since George Stevens' bequest established the academy that bears his name, generations of GSA alumni have made gifts that shaped the lives of thousands of students in Blue Hill and surrounding towns. We invite you to join in the tradition of supporting "education forever" on the Blue Hill Peninsula by making a gift today.

         Make Your Gift Online, call 207-374-2800 to make your gift over the phone, or mail your check to George Stevens Academy, Advancement Office, 23 Union Street, Blue Hill, ME 04614.

  • Volunteer as a Class Agent

    Class agents are integral to a strong GSA community. In partnership with the Advancement Office, these alumni volunteers communicate with their classmates and spread the word about alumni events. No agent listed below for your class? Consider volunteering! To learn more, email alumni@georgestevens.org.

    Class of 1943: Lucy Ledien

    Class of 1954: Donald Varnum

    Class of 1956: Beverly Wescott Cecchini 

    Class of 1959: Janice (Jan) Prior-Crofoot

    Class of 1961: Marilyn Brossmer, Marjorie Longwood

    Class of 1962: Lawrence "Larry" Merrill

    Class of 1964: James Farr

    Class of 1967: Belinda Carter, Christine Lamb

    Class of 1969: Sylvia Tapley

    Class of 1973: Joan Wardwell

    Class of 1977: Stormi Wentworth

    Class of 1979: Deborah Ludlow

    Class of 1980: Merton Bunker

    Class of 1981: Margie Gray

    Class of 1983: Craig Berry

    Class of 1984: Tina Stephens

    Class of 1986: Stephanie Haza Vetne

    Class of 1987: Darlene Hatch

    Class of 1988: Gary Milliken

    Class of 1989: Jeb Billings, Dawn Nason

    Class of 1990: Christie A. Snow

    Class of 1991: Emily Wilson

    Class of 1997: Seth Cole, Emily Hildebrand, James Hildebrand, Brooke Miller

    Class of 1998: Chrissy Beardsley Allen

    Class of 2002: Jacob Berkowitz

    Class of 2009: Madeleine Park, Julianna Smith

    Class of 2010: Max Reiter, Lucas Yoder

    Class of 2011: Martin Conte

    Class of 2012: Madison Sawyer

    Class of 2013: Megan Malaby, William Navarre

    Class of 2015: Timothy Dentino, Emmaline Richardson, Tate Yoder

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    Alumni, feel free to call us at (207) 374-2800 or email t.bell@georgestevens.org with questions or for more information.