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  • A Message from the Director


    Thank you for visiting our website. On the pages within, you undoubtedly will learn a lot more about what makes George Stevens Academy a great school. As a Maine town academy, we independently serve our wonderful communities on this peninsula in Downeast, Maine. The people here are kind, welcoming, and have been truly committed to the support of their school since 1803. 

          George Stevens Academy is driven to provide the best possible experience for all our students, both as individuals and as a collective student body. I encourage you to view some of our student testimonials so that you can hear directly from them what they liked best about GSA. Our students are truly remarkable, and they articulate their perspectives so well.

          Choosing a boarding school can be an overwhelming process. There is so much information available about so many different schools. Here at George Stevens Academy, we do all we can to streamline the paperwork, eliminate the guesswork, and meet each family with a smile and a kind word so that you can focus more intently on the attributes of our school that best suit the academic, social, athletic, and extracurricular desires and goals set for your child.

          Our admissions staff certainly will be pleased to visit with you on campus, during our travels, by phone, or by Skype, as you will have many questions and concerns as you work to find the best possible school for your child’s educational journey.

          So, take your time, peruse the pages of our website, send us an email or give us a call, and know that we are here to help you and your child make one of the most important decisions of their young lives.

          We believe we are a great school! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to make you a believer, too.

    My warmest regards,

    Michael S. Foster

    Director of Admission