• College And Career Counseling
    KATY RINEHART, Director of College & Career Counseling
    Planning your future beyond high school can be a little scary. Here at George Stevens, the College & Career Counseling office helps make that process a little less intimidating. This should be a time of excitement and exploration and our role is to help you navigate the waters. We are here to guide you in the college/career planning process; we are a resource for you.
    We work with students one-on-one to help figure out what’s the next step, whether it’s college or taking a gap year or going directly into the workforce. Using Family Connection/Naviance, we help students build a resume and make a list of appropriate college applications. We can help with practice interviews, with figuring out which standardized tests to take or filling out a job application.
    College planning really kicks off in the second semester of the junior year. Each January, there is a meeting for parents and students to introduce the college application process. In the spring, we have a meeting with an overview of financial aid. In the fall of the senior year, there is a FAFSA (Free Application to Federal Student Aid) meeting for parents and students that explains applying for financial aid and filling out the FAFSA.
    Throughout their second semester, juniors can meet with their college counselor to begin compiling a list of colleges they are thinking about and to prepare for any college visits that students may plan in the spring. In the senior year, we start the year off with a meeting for both parents and students that re-iterates the application process. As seniors, students will meet frequently with their college counselor to finalize their college list and work on their applications.
    During your four years at GSA, you can find out about summer internships, job opportunities, colleges and college visits, gap year options, standardized test information, and a whole lot more in the College & Career Counseling office.
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