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Spring Sports

Dell D-B backhand vs. MCI

M.J. W. Shot Put MDI

Charles S. Discus MDI

Robbie B. forehand vs. Calais.

Alyssa L. pitching vs. the Narraguagus Knights.

Haven S. pitching vs. Narraguagus

Girls group at Bucksport

Boys' group at Bucksport

Layla P. gets a hit vs. Narraguagus

Dust explodes from Breton L.'s mitt.

Alexon A. at Bucksport

Andy H. at Bucksport

The 2023 boys' varsity tennis team

The 2023 GSA softball team

The 2023 GSA baseball team

The 2023 outdoor track team

Look below for photos and information about each team and results after the season is over. Current season results are on our Athletics page.