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Day Students

Six Students, Six Experiences


At GSA, we believe every student deserves to succeed in school and to graduate well-prepared to pursue further education or to enter the workforce. We offer students the opportunity to explore and engage with curiosity, discipline, and open-mindedness. Whatever your aspirations are in life, our staff, caring community, and vast curriculum provides the support and flexibility to discover who you are and create who you will be.

Whether you have aspirations of being an engineer, welder, artist, mechanic, doctor, chef, lawyer, thespian, or fisherman, there is a place for you at GSA. Here you will find that people know and care for you, are interested in what you’re thinking, and are invested in supporting your journey to get there. We are a community school in every sense of the word, and we are eager for you to join us.

Bob Slayton, Director of Admissions,

Tracy Knights, Admissions Associate,

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