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Student Support Team

At GSA, we understand that being an adolescent is fun, exciting, and challenging at times.

Sometimes those challenges are external in nature; sometimes they come from the natural ups and downs of being a teenager. Whatever the cause, they can bring serious distress to a young person.

Every day, our caring advisors, teachers, and other staff members support our students in diverse ways to ensure that they get the help and guidance they need to thrive and be successful. When in the course of those daily interactions, an advisor, teacher, or other staff member notices that something is amiss with a student, or if they find out about a distressing issue in a student’s life, they reach out to a member of GSA’s Student Support Team.

That team, led by the dean of students, includes our school nurse, a member of the Residential Life team, a member of the Special Education team, and one of our counselors. After discussing the student’s well-being, the team decides what, if anything, should be done to help. The team then meets regularly to follow the student’s progress and determine if further help is needed.

Sometimes, though, the signs can be difficult to read. Any student who needs help, whether that need seems trivial or monumental, is encouraged to speak to their advisor, a teacher, or another adult staff member they trust. They, or their parents, also are welcome to make an appointment for the student with our counselor. To make an appointment with Hector Sapien or Seanna Macomber '95, call the Front Office at (207) 374-2808. Students, of course, also may speak to them in person during the course of the school day.