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Our Counselors


Our counselors are here to listen. All of us need someone to talk to now and again. Though friends make great listeners, our students sometimes aren’t comfortable talking with their friends about certain topics, or they may not be able to put what they’re struggling with into words. Our counselors, Hector Sapien and Seanna Macomber '95, are great listeners, and they're here to help.

I guide and enable students to exercise their relaxed, greater mind through conversation, and create goals for personal development that are relevant to them and in line with their current priorities in life. In alliance with the counselor, during regular sessions, students explore their strengths and develop skills for achieving their personal vision, as well as identify obstacles, adverse experiences, and perspectives that hinder their effectiveness. The result is relatively greater academic achievement, confidence, emotional well-being, and social proficiency. Hector Sapien

Adolescence is a particularly challenging time where students are balancing their desire to become independent with all of their social, academic, and athletic responsibilities. My hope is to be a resource for them to access needed support and strategies to navigate these challenges in order for their time at GSA to be as supportive and successful as possible. Seanna Macomber '95

     To make an appointment with either counselor, call Lydia Gray in the Front Office at (207) 374-2808.