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Hylan Award Supports First Album

Jazz pianist Yvonne Rogers ’17 was recently awarded a grant from the Hylan Family Alumni Fund for the Performing Arts* to help her record and produce her debut album.

The “Seeds Project” features Iago Fernandez of Spain on drums, Nadav Erlich of Israel on bass, and Emmanuelle Bonnet of Switzerland on vocals. Yvonne composed the music and wrote the lyrics for the project, the goals of which she said are “to celebrate imperfection, facilitate unhindered self-expression, and redefine our perceptions of quality.”

The album was recorded in late September in Basel, Switzerland, where Yvonne was taking part in Focusyear. The one-year Musik-Akademie Basel program brings together internationally recognized jazz coaches to work with a small group of jazz musicians from around the world.

“Seeds Project” is expected to debut in the summer of 2023.

*Established by the Hylan family in memory of Charles, Gertrude, and Jude Bartlett, the fund encourages and supports GSA alumni who majored in or are majoring in theater, dance, or musical performance.