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Welcome to George Stevens Academy!

Schools are their people. They are the smiling faces at the front desk. They are the servers in the cafeteria who know who needs to try a vegetable. They are the facilities staff who allow us to enter freshly cleaned buildings each morning. They are the coaches and dorm parents who spend hours with students well into the evening, and on weekends as well. And they are of course the dedicated and loving teachers. Nowhere is this truer than at George Stevens Academy. You will walk through our doors and immediately see that this is a place where students are seen, heard, and valued.

And I so wish I could introduce you to our students! This website can give you a glimpse of the richness of our program. We are in labs and libraries and traditional classrooms, but we are also up and out as we sand, saw, weld, cook, paint and draw, sculpt, read and write, march in a band, and play our steel drums. Students here know the importance of kindness and inclusivity. My first day on campus, I asked a student what she really likes about GSA, and she readily replied, “You can be friends with anyone here.” Who wouldn’t want to be in a place like this?

Our people are GSA’s heartbeat, but our campus is also unique. We are steps away from Blue Hill Harbor and the Atlantic Ocean. Awanadjo/Blue Hill Mountain is almost always on the horizon. We have buildings that date back to the mid-1800s beside newly constructed dormitories. As I walk through the door to my office each day, a large photo of George Stevens—one of the earliest photographs, taken about 1840—greets me. Typical of old photos, the first impression is stern and somber, but now that I’ve gotten to know George’s photo better, I see an undeniable hint of a smile. Could he possibly have had an inkling of all that would become of the school he made possible? I like to contemplate what he was ready to smile about almost 200 years ago. He ensures that I will begin each day with my own smile.

I hope you will contact our Admissions Office for more information about our school, whether day or boarding, for grades 9-12. You will be welcomed with a smile and will readily see that George Stevens Academy is its people.


Shelley Borror Jackson, Interim Head of School

Interim Head of School Shelley Borror Jackson was appointed by the GSA Board of Trustees on April 20, 2023, effective on April 24. Read the announcement.

Shelley Borror Jackson holds a cup of coffee in the library

Interim Head of School Shelley Borror Jackson in the GSA Library. Learn more about Shelley by reading her profile on the faculty-staff profile page.