• Alumni Art Galleries

    Alumni! GSA has a reputation for arts excellence, and you helped build it.

         In these galleries, we share with you some of your artworks, most of which hang on office walls throughout the school. Thank you to Mariel Duym, one of our current art teachers and department chair, and to former art teacher and chair Katie Greene for having the foresight to collect these works and keep them on our walls.

         From the top, we have galleries of artworks from the 2010s, from the 2000s, from the 1990s, from the 1930s through 1980s, the cafeterial murals that were removed during a renovation project, and new paintings that took their place.

         I've also included a gallery of works the creators of which we do not know. If you created one of them (or you know who did!), email Mark Messer at socialmedia@georgestevens.org.