• Pioneer prize winners

    Pioneer Prize winners, from left, Sam Bach, Millicent Fleming, and Chloe Sheahan.


    Three Share Pioneer Prize

    Two students from GSA and one from John Bapst will split the Pioneer Prize, a software project competition open to high school-aged teens in the Blue Hill Peninsula area. 

         Sam Bach, a GSA freshman from Surry, created a roving security monitoring system by combining a Raspberry Pi computer, video capture and motion detection software, and a Roomba vacuum. Judges were impressed by the integration of know-how and technology and called the project "very cool and ambitious." 

         Chloe Sheahan, a GSA freshman from Sedgwick, worked with Millicent Fleming of Blue Hill to create a quiz show game website featuring spoilers of famous books to engage potential readers. Judges said that the team "demonstrated impressive growth" on this "very well-conceived project."

         The Pioneer Prize was "established by members of the community to motivate and celebrate the remarkable capacity of our young people to forge new pathways of economic opportunity," according to the website. The winners shared a total prize of $5,000.

         Congratulations, all!