• Exhibition Night POSTPONED

    UPDATED: Following the CDC’s advice that we all be proactive in preventing the community spread of the coronavirus, and that schools everywhere should “considering rearranging large activities and gatherings,” we have decided not to host ISIP Exhibition Night on March 18. We hope that we can reschedule this celebration of the extraordinary efforts of our juniors and seniors for later in the year, but will do so only if and when the threat of the spread of Covid-19 has passed.

         This year, nearly all of our juniors and seniors spent two weeks after February break on academic and experiential projects they designed themselves. Most undertook these projects close to home, others traveled to other states, and a few to other countries.

         The range of this year’s ISIP subjects, which included building an instrument, producing music, 2D art and design, fashion, cinematic universe design, upcycling, architecture, literature, politics, law, law enforcement, engines, engineering, teaching, education, business, marketing, aquaculture, forestry, economics, industry, medicine, wellness, fitness, culinary arts, outdoors careers, animals and animal care, was as broad as ever and reflected students’ diverse interests.

         Every project had a mentor, and with about three-quarters of those projects and internships set in the local area, scores of area experts helped GSA students with their projects. Of those all our experts, nearly one in five was a GSA alum.

         For more information on ISIP, visit www.georgestevensacademy.org/ISIP.