• MMEA District VI Instrumental Jazz Festival 2019

  • Jazz lovers, this is your chance! 


    Twenty-one jazz ensembles (five jazz bands, and sixteen combos) from GSA, MDI, Ellsworth, Brewer, Bucksport, and Shead will compete in this year's District VI Instrumental Jazz Festival, to be hosted by George Stevens Academy in Blue Hill on Wednesday, Feb. 27 (snow day, Thursday, Feb. 28).


    Enjoy some wonderful music and support musicians from these Hancock, Washington, and Penobscot county high schools. Admission costs $5 per adult, $3 per student. See below for the performance schedule and a menu of food available for sale.



    Music Room (Combos)                            Library (Jazz Bands and Combos)

    Each combo and jazz band goes to the warm-up room 30 minutes before performance time. 

    (Warm-up in room 136)                             (Warm-up in room 134)


    12:00  MDI Dept. of Justice Combo

    12:30  Bucksport Wet Paint Combo

    1:00    MDI Patty Combo

    1:30    GSA Octessence Combo                 Ellsworth Syncopation Station Combo

    2:00    MDI Plop Combo                             Brewer Combo 2

    2:30    (break)                                               Shead Combo

    3:00  Bucksport One Y Combo                  Ellsworth Slim D & the Tenacious Combo

    3:30  MDI Pulp Combo                               Brewer Combo 1

    4:00  GSA Out Too Late Combo                  (break)

    4:30  MDI OMLRATA Combo                      Ellsworth Jazz Band

    5:00  GSA Up Too Early Combo                 Brewer Jazz Band

    5:30  (break)                                                 MDI NO NET Jazz Band

    6:00  GSA Jam Bake Combo                        (break)

    6:30                                                                MDI Big Group Jazz Band

    7:00                                                                GSA Jazz Band



    Proceeds benefit GSA's Food for Thought Fund and the Music Department.


    Lunch/snack items available from 12-6 P.M.

         Pizza $2

         Sandwiches (turkey and cheese, ham and cheese, egg salad, tuna) with chips $5

         Bottled water $1.50

         Assorted fruit, snacks, cookies, etc.,


    Dinner will be served from 4-6 P.M.

         Veggie lo mein with choice of protein (Sweet-and-sour pork, roasted chicken, or Asian baked tofu) $7