• Nurse's Office

  • The George Stevens Academy nurse’s office is focused on keeping students healthy and safe by addressing their mental, physical, emotional, social and health needs in order to support optimal learning.

          Our school nurse accomplishes this by

    • educating our students,
    • promoting good health and disease prevention,
    • organizing flu shot clinics,
    • monitoring immunizations,
    • administering medication,
    • testing vision,
    • providing first aid,
    • training staff,
    • updating medical charts,
    • coordinating care,
    • promoting infectious disease control,
    • promoting health equity: assisting families with outside resources/services,
    • maintaining the school counselors’ schedule,
    • leading the development of health policies,
    • advocating for students,
    • promoting the self-management of disease and optimal health,
    • coordinating the blood drive.
  • Our School Nurse

    Nikki Jaffray


    Nikki Jaffray, RN