• John Brooks

    Boatbuilding Teacher

    Years Teaching: 28    Years at GSA: 3


    In His Words

    Our family has adopted three children from China, giving our biological daughter two brothers and a sister, and enriching our lives in many ways. 

         My education is a hodge podge. I left high school after ninth grade to sail with my grandparents for two years, then passed the GED when I returned and attended community college for two years. When I started working in a boatyard, I took a correspondence course in boat design. I also have undertaken many personal projects to teach myself skills, including building a harpsichord.

          I have worked as a boatbuilder and designer, cabinetmaker, furniture builder, and instrument maker for 40 years, including 26 seasons at WoodenBoat School. My wife, Ruth, and I ran our own business for 10-plus years, building 35 boats to about 10 of our own designs, and wrote a book about the method we used, a book published by WoodenBoat. We still sell plans from time to time and make a kit or two of our DragonFlyer design. 

         I combine a love of flying and making things by designing flying papercraft models. I have shared my love of paper planes in a wide variety of workshops, including during GSA's Arts Festival.