• Tennis

  • The GSA tennis team, with both boys' and girls' schedules, is one of our most successful sports programs. We are consistently one of the top-ranked Class C tennis schools in Northern Maine for both boys' and girls' tennis. This year's schedule includes ten matches.

         Girls' roster: Margaret Nevin, Chloe Sheahan, Dell Davis-Batt, Ellie McMillan, Anna Mitchell, June Page, Ava Surgal, Julia Traub, Aiden Young

         Girls' team photo: Front, from left, June Page, Julia Traub, Chloe Sheahan; Back, from left Ava Surgal, Ellie McMillan, Dell Davis-Batt, Anna Mitchell, Aiden Young (not pictured, Margaret Nevin)

         Boys' roster: Theo Lesko, Tony Politano, Ben Hallett, Matt Astbury, Robbie Bennett, Cyrus Blake, Oliver Lardner, Quinn Jackson, Elias Lieser

         Boys' team photo: Front, from left, Tony Politano, Cyrus Blake, Elias Lieser, Quinn Jackson; Back, from left, Oliver Lardner, Ben Hallett, Robbie Bennett, Theo Lesko (not pictured, Matt Astbury)

  • Our Coaches

    Tim Farrar

    Mark Ensworth '05

    Brian Clarke

  • Photos Wanted

    If you have good photos of a tennis match, please share them with Mark Messer at socialmedia@georgestevens.org. The photos may be used in the tennis gallery and in other digital and print publications. In the email, please include game details (where and when). These should be your photos, and credit will be given where possible.