• Softball

  • Every athlete who tries out for our softball team is able to participate. Our very competitive Penobscot Valley Conference (PVC) schedule includes 15 games this year. 

         2021 roster (jersey #): Sophie Peasley (9), Taylor Barnet (14), Ashly Emerson (1), Alexon Astbury (10), Kelsey Carter (4), Lael Clapp (2), Alyssa Ladd (13), Regan Libby (6), Layla Pickering (11), Talia Robbins (18), Isla Day-Picariello (16), Audria Morris-Nevells (21)

         New photos are added to the front of the gallery, so the team photo is the last one. Front row, from left, Alyssa Ladd, Regan Libby, Audria Morris-Nevells, Lael Clapp, Kelsey Carter, Alexon Astbury; back row, from left, Coach Frank Peasley, Talia Robbins, Taylor Barnet, Sophie Peasley, Ashly Emerson, Isla Day-Picariello, Layla Pickering, Coach Todd Eckenfelder.

  • Our Coaches

    Todd Eckenfelder

    Cory Schildroth

    Frank Peasley

  • Photos Wanted

    If you have good photos of a softball game, please share them with Mark Messer at socialmedia@georgestevens.org. The photos may be used in the softball gallery and in other digital and print publications. In the email, please include game details (where and when). These should be your photos, and credit will be given where possible.