• Sailing

  • Welcome to 420 racing. GSA sailing is a spring sport that has fall competition opportunities if there are experienced sailors available to participate.

          GSA sailing involves racing in cold water and strong spring winds in pairs while sitting precariously on the edge of a very fast high-tech racing dinghy that is a little less than 14 feet long. The team is supported by Maine Maritime Academy in Castine, where we have locker rooms, hot showers, docks, chase boats, coaches, boats, and spare parts. Sailors wear lots of fleece, insulated gloves, and waterproof dry suits to endure the cold, wet conditions.

          Students new to sailing are welcome to come and try it out. Some personal gear is required as well as a willingness to get cold and wet!

          The photo in the gallery from 2018 will be replaced with the 2019 team photo and more photos soon after the season begins.

  • Our Coach

    Andrew Stephenson

  • Photos Wanted

    If you have great photos of a regatta to share, please email them to Mark Messer at m.messer@georgestevens.org. Submissions must be high resolution, good quality, horizontal-orientation (landscape, not portrait) photos. Submitted photos may be used in the sailing gallery, in the spring sports gallery, and in other digital and print publications. In the email, please include game details (where and when). These should be your photos.