• Baseball

  • Our GSA baseball teams are in the Penobscot Valley Conference (PVC) and compete with Class C and B teams. All freshmen are able to participate on either the junior varsity or varsity level depending on their ability. Each team has a 16-game schedule and has a history of success. As long as the number of participants at the JV level does not exceed 20, we do not cut players. 

          The photos in the gallery from 2018 will be replaced with the 2019 team photo and more photos soon after the season begins.

  • Our Coaches

    Dan Kane

    Bill Gray

    Scott Kane

  • Photos Wanted

    If you have great photos of a baseball game to share, please email them to Mark Messer at m.messer@georgestevens.org. Submissions must be high resolution, good quality, horizontal-orientation (landscape, not portrait) photos. Submitted photos may be used in the baseball gallery, in the spring sports gallery, and in other digital and print publications. In the email, please include game details (where and when). These should be your photos.