• Reunions

  • Every year, reunion classes across the decades come together to celebrate, catch up, and reminisce about their GSA days. Reunions are organized by class members, and we are happy to help. Suggesting ideas for venues and activities, providing class lists, and assisting with the mailing process are some of the ways the Development Office can lend a hand in your reunion planning. As we get more information about this year's reunions, we'll share information and links below.


    2018-2019 GSA Reunion Classes

    1944 - 75th:

    1949 - 70th:

    1954 - 65th: Planning underway (Contact Don Varnum)

    1959 - 60th: Planning underway (Contact Jan Woods Prior-Crofoot)

    1964 - 55th:

    1969 - 50th: Saturday, June 8, 4-8PM (Contact Sylvia Tapley)

    1974 - 45th:

    1979 - 40th: Planning underway (Contact Deb Venno Ludlow)

    1984 - 35th:

    1989 - 30th:

    1994 - 25th:

    1999 - 20th:

    2004 - 15th:

    2009 - 10th:

    2014 -  5th: 


  • Reunion Contact

    If you are interested in organizing a reunion for your class or if you are already planning one and would like to share that information here, please email j.traub@georgestevens.org or call 207-374-2800.