• Boys' Basketball

  • The boys' varsity, JV, and JV2 teams will compete in limited local competition. No spectators are allowed, but some of those competitions will be live streamed. Visit the game calendar and click on the event link. A streaming link will be shared there if the game is going to be broadcast. Some streaming services require a paid subscription for as little as a month.

         Varsity roster (jersey #): Michael Moon (3), Jack Gray (5), Sol Lorio (11), Arden Weaver (12), Azaiah Nanson (13), Bryce Schneider (20), Teague Smallidge (21), Dexter Brown (23), Noah Czuj (31), Theron Lehto (33), Harrison Walden (35), Nick Steinbarger (43)

         Junior varsity roster: Jack Gray (5), Matt Astbury (12), Solomon Haggarty (15), Brady Pert (20), Cameron Charette (24), Coby Reynolds (25), Noah Czuj (31), Patrick Dagan (33).

         JV2 roster: Cameron Walden (10), Emmett Allen (13), Jordan Acampora (14), Will Cashman (15), Brady Pert (20), Jace Gaspar (21), Coby Reynolds (25), Patrick Dagan (33).

  • Our Coaches

    Dwayne Carter '80

    Matt Mattson '91

    Nate Cole '13

    Riley Swanson