• Dormitory Proctors 

  • GSA student proctors provide an essential link between students and faculty within the boarding system. Proctors strive to welcome new members of the student body and work toward supporting the well-being of all boarding students. Members of the 11th or 12th grade who maintain an excellent academic and citizenship record can apply to serve as student leaders.

          A proctor's goal is to contribute to making life at George Stevens Academy welcoming, comfortable, safe, and enjoyable. Although specific proctor duties might vary by dormitory, in general, the proctors act as role models and help with dormitory management. They are expected to be available to their peers for support, act as a stabilizing influence, and assist the dorm parent and other Residential Life staff members with many routine duties as well as special events. 

          Essential proctor responsibilities include demonstrating a positive and friendly attitude; encouraging students to make good decisions; assisting the dorm parents and other Residential Life staff in managing the boarding program; developing positive relationships and maintaining open communication with students, dorm parents, and staff; and supporting residential activities including birthdays, weekend activities, and collaborating with student ambassadors.
          Proctors are required to arrive early in order to participate in a Proctor Orientation and Training Day in August.