• The Hanley House

  • The Hanley House, which serves as the girls' dormitory on campus, is within a one-minute walk of classrooms, dining, and other campus facilities.

          The unique mirror design of the building is the result of careful planning by project architects in the late 2000s. The dormitory was originally a one-building private residence, but the decision was made to renovate that structure, create one that looks nearly the same from the outside, and connect the two structures with a two-story passageway and main entrances.

          The Hanley House has five double, one triple, and two single rooms for students; five private bathrooms; two laundry stations; two common rooms; a kitchen with countertop electric cooking appliances, a dishwasher, and a full refrigerator; cable TV, internet, and Netflix. 

  • Hanley Staff

    Maple Pollock

    Maple Pollock

    Dorm Head


    Jaime Torre

    Jaime Torre

    Dorm Parent Resident

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