• Anya Antonovych

    Art and Dance Teacher

    M.F.A., Painting, Tyler School of Art, Temple University

    Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Fine Art, Maryland Institute College of Art

    B.A., English Literature, with a minor in History and Philosophy of Science, McGill University 


    In Her Words

    Some of my loves are travel, art (making art, exhibiting art, looking at art, teaching art, curating, ...), literature, nature, anything to do with the ocean, palm trees (sorry, pine trees!), fruit, Adam (my son), Oolie (my fluffy white dog), Maddie (my tabby), Lulu (my black cat), Peking duck, and banana nutella crepes, in no particular order.
          Some of my favorite places are Scotland, New York, London, China, Santa Barbara, Chicago, France, India, Italy, SPAIN, San Francisco, and, drum roll, Blue Hill.
          My languages, aside from English, of course, include French and Ukrainian, with a side of Spanish, a smattering of Italian, and a pinch of Latin.
          As for my work, I think of myself as a color abstractionist, more specifically, as a painter, even though much of my more recent work has involved photography, and I love sculpture. Concerns that seem to persist in my work include memory, fragments, and broken narratives.