• Arts Festival


  • The gallery above includes a selection of photos from the 2018 and 2019 GSA Arts Festivals. After a two-year break, Arts Fest will return in the spring of 2022!


         As we approach the end of the semester, Arts Fest is an opportunity to take a break from classes, celebrate spring, and experience a wide variety of fun and educational workshops. Some are traditional visual and performing arts workshops, for example, Collaged Greeting Cards, Songwriting, and Acting for the Theatre. Some get our students up and moving, like Yoga and Ultimate Frisbee. Some teach life skills, such as Basics of Sauce Making and Hand Sewing a Basic Pouch. Workshops like Collect Beach Debris and Canoe Trip to Wight's Pond get our students out into the community, whether to help clean up our local environment or to further develop our love of these beautiful, wild places. 

         In 2019, nearly 80 workshops were taught or led by members of the staff and faculty, students, alumni, and experts from the community.