• Standardized Testing

    SAT or ACT scores are a required part of many college applications, and GSA provides students several opportunities to practice and take these exams. The PSAT—essentially a practice test for the SAT—is given on campus every October, and sophomores and juniors are strongly encouraged to take it. In April, every junior who is a resident of the state of Maine is required to take the SAT on campus, and international students are strongly urged to take it as well. The April SAT is free for all students, as is the PSAT for all juniors. Students often choose to take the ACT or to retake the SAT at local high schools, and transportation is provided for any international student who wishes to take the SAT or ACT off campus during junior or senior year.

         Many colleges, including many very prestigious institutions, have chosen to go “test optional” in recent years, so students who feel that their test scores do not best represent who they are as learners are always provided suggestions for test-optional schools as they develop their list of colleges to consider.