• An Overview of GSA

  • Our Coastal Campus

    George Stevens Academy is in the heart of Blue Hill, a small, picturesque town that reaches from Blue Hill Bay to Blue Hill Mountain and beyond.


    Our Students

    Students from local families who wish to participate in GSA’s academic, athletics, and arts programs make up the largest part of our student body of about 320. As many as 40 boarding students come from cities around the world both for those first-class programs and for an authentic American experience in a clean, safe community.

              Our students’ family members work in small and large businesses, education, the fisheries, residential and commercial construction, the law, architecture, agriculture, engineering, entertainment, and other fields. As our students build friendships with peers from these diverse socioeconomic backgrounds and walks of life, they join a friendly, close-knit student body where differences are strengths and everyone can know everyone else. Learning to work with people from other walks of life prepares our students well for college, the work world, and membership in other communities.


    Our Comprehensive Coursework

    Our core curriculum ensures that students graduate with a well-rounded education in the language arts, social studies, mathematics, sciences, and the fine and industrial arts. Students also pursue their own interests by taking elective classes, like Forensics, Philosophy, Maine Writers, Outdoor Leadership, Culinary Arts, Earthworks, and Ocean Studies, and by creating unique learning experiences through our Independent Study Internship Program, Alternative Course Contracts, and other opportunities.


    Our Extracurricular Programs

    GSA students discover their voices and talents by competing on our athletics teams, by performing in our award-winning music groups, by taking part in our other excellent fine and performing arts programs, by participating in clubs and activities like The Outing Club, the Math Team, and Spanish Club, and by developing their leadership skills as student councilors, student proctors, and student ambassadors.


    Our Admissions Policy

    George Stevens Academy encourages applications from students who are open to new challenges and experiences and would like to be part of a vibrant learning community. 

              GSA admits students of any race, religion, gender, national origin, or sexual orientation in the rights, privileges, programs and activities available to students at the school. GSA does not discriminate in the administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, financial aid, or any other programs administered by the school.  

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    Interested in becoming a day student at GSA? Online forms will be available soon, but in the meantime, please email Admissions Officer Christie A. Snow at c.snow@georgestevens.org or call her at (207) 374-2808 to inquire or begin the application process.


    College Profile

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