• Golf at GSA

  • The golf team at GSA competes locally at the Blue Hill Country Club, where they practice, and on Deer Isle. Most seasons, they compete in 12 matches in the run-up to the team and individual championships. 

          Visit the Fall Season section of the GSA Athletics page on this website for the fall practice calendar, schedules, scoreboard, gallery, and transportation schedule. Follow George Stevens Academy on Facebook for Sunday previews of the coming week in sports and daily updates on varsity competition.  

         The team photo is the last one in the photo gallery. Front, from left, Ege Asyali '22, Emery Leach '23, Logan Leach '23, Riley Astbury '23; back, from left, John Bakeman II '20, Willi Austin '22, Duncan Howell '20, Robbie Bennett '23, and Tony Politano '21.

         Photos are added regularly during the season. Be sure to check back! Thank you to everyone who submits them.

  • Our Coaches

    Dwayne Carter '80

    Ebb Walton '08

  • Photos Wanted

    If you have good photos of a golf match, please share them with Mark Messer at socialmedia@georgestevens.org. The photos may be used in the golf gallery and in other digital and print publications. In the email, please include game details (where and when). These should be your photos, and credit will be given where possible.