• Lee Park

    Photography, Computer, Astronomy Teacher

    Years Teaching: 41*    Years Commercial Photography: 50*  

    Years Technology: 37*   

    M.S., Astronomy, University of Western Sydney, Nepean, '03

    Commercial Photography, Brooks Institute of Photography, 1969-71

    Biology, University of California, Irvine, 1966-69


    In His Words 

    I have had several careers, running concurrently. The common thread through all of them has been a singular focus on creativity and making the “invisible, visible.” Also, in education, I have always felt a deep commitment to making sure students get the greatest return on their education investment.

          As a commercial photographer, my clients have included Allergan Pharmaceuticals, Bechtold Construction, Nissan America, Emerson Electric, Tecate Beer, Hobie International, and Anheuser-Busch. My studios were based in Southern California and Denver.

         *Updated in summer

          As a technologist, I was the corporate VP technology, The Art Institutes International. My charge was to develop a vision for, plan, and migrate 21 post secondary art schools (65,000 students) from analog hand tools to a completely digital, networked environment. This included hardware, software, support structure/staffing and curriculum redevelopment. I developed the relationships between the Art Institutes and Apple, Hewlett-Packard, Adobe, and Microsoft by working directly with some of the founding personalities of personal computing. Thereafter, I was a primary in planning and implementation of the first online art school. Ultimately, I completed training in all functional business areas to be a college president.

          My graduate degree in astronomy is an expression of a lifelong interest, and the personal desire to understand the cosmos more deeply, through instrumentation, mathematics, physics and chemistry.