• Hector Sapien

    Social Worker - Consultant

    Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Child and Youth Care Professional certification 

    M.S.W., Worden School of Social Work, '80

    B.S., Psychology, University of Texas at El Paso, '76


    In His Words

    The high school years are such an incredible time for young people as they emerge into our adult world, much as a ship navigates The Reach then graduates into the open ocean, where your best allies are your awareness, navigation skills, and seaworthy wits, in addition to your crew of family, friends, and community.  

         In counseling/therapy, my job as I see it is not to tell young people what to do. Building on a foundation of trust, compassion, empathy, and relaxed awareness fostered in our meetings, my job is to cultivate mindfulness, planning, anticipation, problem solving, and most of all focus, as well as other skills.  This evidence-based approach has been shown to promote optimum development in individuals and the resilience to meet life’s great adventure. In a way, I mentor them as captain of their life's ship.

         “Since you can’t control the wind, you can trim the sails.” (unknown)


  • Hector Sapien

    Hector Sapien