• Erin McCormick '00

    English Teacher, Drama Advisor

    Years Teaching: 15    Years at GSA: 15

    B.A. and B.S., English, Secondary Education, The University of Maine

    Minor: Theatre


    In Her Words

    I've always regretted that "Renaissance Man," or a person who loves, explores, and seeks to excel in a bit of everything, is not a recognized, paying profession, as that is what I've always wanted to become. It is also a concept that reflects what I'd like for my students while they are at GSA: a chance to continually discover and pursue multiple talents and passions they may not have even known they had, and in so doing, expand and strengthen their own view of themselves and the world. 

    While at GSA, I've offered clubs, workshops, and courses that involved literature, drama, history, psychology, ecology, film, creative writing, felt art, puppetry, clay art, and fencing. I'm also the advisor to the Gender and Sexuality Alliance club at GSA, a civil rights group working for and open to all students.