• Other Opportunities

    There are even more ways for GSA students to study subjects that are not part of our regular curriculum.


    Cooperative Education: Semester or year-long internships in community organizations or businesses of interest to the student.

    AP4ME: Online courses taught by high school teachers throughout Maine.

    College Courses: GSA students can take college courses while at GSA, some through GSA connections with programs like Rural-U at the University of Maine at Fort Kent and some through the student's own initiative at the University of Maine or elsewhere.

    Hancock County Technical Center (HCTC): Juniors and seniors can take courses part-time (afternoons or mornings) at the Hancock County Technical Center while continuing academic coursework at GSA.

    Online Courses: When appropriate, GSA supports students who take online courses through programs such as those offered by BYU.


    Students should speak with their advisor, Assistant Head of School Rebecca Gratz, College and Career Counselor Peter Goss, or Dean of Curriculum and Instruction David Stearns to explore if and how these opportunities could supplement their learning at GSA.