• Special Education

  • George Stevens Academy is a community school that proudly serves students with a wide range of academic talents, interests, goals, and motivations. The school offers a diverse array of courses designed to meet the needs of this range of students—including skills or foundational levels of classes, engineering technology and vocational courses, classes designed to prepare students for college and university study, and honors and college-level courses. There are hands-on classes such as Advanced Engines, Residential Construction, and Senior Seminar Boatbuilding. The Eastern Maine Skippers Program is designed for students interested in making a living from the ocean.

          The Resource Room at GSA provides learning support and guided study hall time for students who need some extra support. Students may work individually or in small groups with specially trained teachers. Some students spend their study hall period working quietly in the Resource Room.

          Students with IEPs and 504 Plans: In addition, George Stevens Academy effectively serves students with special educational needs, such as mild to moderate learning differences, attention issues, and executive functioning difficulties, who can (with support) function and learn in regular academic classes. These students have learning challenges identified by a team consisting of parents, classroom teachers, a GSA Special Education teacher, a GSA administrator, and the Special Education Director from the school union. This team meets annually to develop or revise an Individual Education Program (IEP) for each identified student.

          Support for students with IEPs and 504 Plans may include direct English/language arts and math instruction, guided resource room support, classroom modifications, one-to-one support, standardized test modifications, transition plans, and space for speech services and occupational therapy.

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         GSA encourages parents/guardians to be involved with their child’s education. Parent-teacher conferences are scheduled, and parents are encouraged to contact the Office of Student Services or their child’s advisor as needed throughout the year. IEP and 504 meetings are scheduled and led by the Director of Special Education.