• Special Education & 504

    Growth in our Special Education Department has helped GSA become the high school for everyone who wants to be part of our learning community.


    Our Learning Center is a resource for all.

    Everyone, not just students who receive special education services, feels welcome to use this room, where we provide learning support and guided study hall. The Learning Center is also where we serve students with special education needs, like mild to moderate learning differences, attention issues, and executive functioning difficulties.


    We continue to add services.

    Support for students with IEPs and 504 Plans may include direct English/language arts and math instruction, guided support in the Learning Center, classroom modifications, one-to-one support, transition plans, and testing accommodations like extra time, quiet space, one-to-one testing, read aloud, and writing in lists instead of essays. We build relationships with colleges and take students on college visits. We are adding Ed Techs to our staff to provide better class support for students with accommodations and opportunities for co-teaching.


    Our programs support students while here and prepare them for life after graduation.

    Our students learn study skills, how to advocate for themselves, and how to behave appropriately in class. They learn about their strengths and weaknesses and how to use them and accommodations to their academic advantage. They also learn strategies for success after graduation, how to use services available to them as adults, and who to reach out to for help.


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         GSA encourages parents/guardians to be involved with their children's education. Parent-teacher conferences are scheduled, and parents are encouraged to contact the Office of Student Services or their child’s advisor as needed throughout the year. IEP meetings are scheduled and led by the Special Education Department Chair. The 504 coordinator schedules 504 meetings.