• Our Advisory Program

    Advisory at GSA plays a key role in the school community and the realization of our mission, vision, and values, creating a safe and supportive learning environment for all students, for the growth and development of healthy relationships between and among students and adults, for student self-reflection, and for character development. 

         The GSA advisory program fosters the development of a student’s character through a relationship with an advisor who serves as an advocate, mentor, and link between the school and GSA families. The program builds community by engaging students in guided discussions and activities that encourage meaningful, empathetic relationships that support our diverse community. Advisors mentor and support students as they develop unique roles and responsibilities within the GSA community and beyond. The assistant head of school coordinates GSA’s advisory program.

         Advisory meets for 30 minutes two times each week. Activities focusing on monthly themes include community and relationship building, discussions of current events and important topics, planning throughout the year, grade checks and guidance, skill development - both for school and life, and FUN!