• Freshman Seminar


    All George Stevens Academy programs, whether in the classroom, on the stage, in the athletic arena, or in the community, support our students' intellectual, academic, physical, and/or social development. In addition to coursework and extracurricular activities, GSA also offers other programs and services to help our students grow while in school and to prepare them for rich and meaningful lives after they graduate.


    Our Advisory Program

    Advisory at GSA plays a key role in the school community and the realization of our mission, vision, and values, creating a safe and supportive learning environment for all students, for the growth and development of healthy relationships between and among students and adults, for student self-reflection, and for character development. 

         The GSA advisory program fosters the development of a student’s character through a relationship with an advisor who serves as an advocate, mentor, and link between the school and GSA families. The program builds community by engaging students in guided discussions and activities that encourage meaningful, empathetic relationships that support our diverse community. Advisors mentor and support students as they develop unique roles and responsibilities within the GSA community and beyond. The assistant head of school coordinates GSA’s advisory program.

         Advisory meets for 30 minutes two times each week. Activities focusing on monthly themes include community and relationship building, discussions of current events and important topics, planning throughout the year, grade checks and guidance, skill development - both for school and life, and FUN!

         Assistant Head of School Rebecca Gratz coordinates Advisory. Contact Rebecca at r.gratz@georgestevens.org.


    Ninth-Grade Seminar 

    Ninth-Grade Seminar is designed to help students successfully transition to the high school learning environment. The Ninth-Grade Seminar teacher provides students with the support and resources needed to handle the academic rigors of GSA and beyond. Daily classes combine short, focused, academic lessons with guided independent study time, tutoring, and daily monitoring of grades in all of their courses. Throughout the year, students learn the skills needed to self-advocate, manage time and stress, think critically, collaborate with peers, and become stronger, independent learners. Students will take one quarter of Ninth-Grade Seminar in the fall semester and one quarter in the spring semester. Ninth-Grade Seminar is graded pass/fail, and each quarter earns ¼ credit.
         Jenn Hathaway Jackson teaches Ninth-Grade Seminar. Contact Jenn at j.jackson@georgestevens.org.
    English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
    GSA’s rigorous ESOL courses prepare students for college and support English language acquisition through increased fluency in writing, comprehension, and communication. Students must pass each quarter-long course to advance to the next level. ESOL includes weekly support for science and history course assignments.
         Placement and Promotion: In-house placement tests are administered to all students for whom English is a second language. Students are placed into these courses based on their scores on these tests. Students who successfully complete a course advance to the next level.