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    Comprehensive, engaging, experiential

    "I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious."—Albert Einstein, physicist

  • Academics at GSA

    Engaged, hands-on learning, supportive faculty, small classes, challenging coursework: These are just a few words and phrases that describe GSA's curricular offerings and support.

         "Sometimes we learn because it satisfies our curiosity, or is self-fulfilling, or expands who we are. Sometimes we learn because it prepares us for later education, or for a career, or to be good citizens of our community. All these aspects of learning can be found in the curriculum and education at GSA," wrote David Stearns, Dean of Curriculum and Instruction. 

         Explore GSA's Departments and Programs in the navigation bar. Each page provides a broad look at the curriculum and faculty in each area.

         Beyond the Traditional Classroom includes the wealth of opportunities by which students can pursue interests that may not be covered by our traditional classes, or covered as deeply.

         Visit the GSA Library page to find out more about the resources available to the school community, for links to useful online resources, and for guidance in academic citation. 

         Click on Student Support to learn more about how we help our students grow intellectually, academically, and socially.

         The Special Education page shows how we help students who learn differently.

         The College and Career Counseling pages show all we do to help our students choose a career and the appropriate educational and practical path to follow.

         Advisory and Other Academic Support includes information on our Advisory Groups, Ninth-Grade Seminar, and English for speakers of other languages.



Rising 12th-graders, watch the video above for program info!
Rising 11th-graders, watch the video above for program info!
Rising 10th-graders, watch the video above for program info!
Rising 10th-12th graders, the video above shows how to register for classes in PowerSchool, which will start in advisory March 1.
Incoming 9th-graders, watch the video above for program info!