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    "There's nothing like the buzz of live theater. You put it out there and receive an instant reaction: laughing, crying, yelling, applauding."Samantha Barks, Manx actor

  • Fall Musical: "The Pajama Game"

    The GSA players performed "The Pajama Game" two nights at The Grand in Ellsworth to big audiences. The appreciative crowds were entertained with classic musical numbers like "Hey There," "Steam Heat," and "Hernando's Hideaway" as they watched love bloom in an Iowa pajama factory.



    Recent Dramatic Productions

     Picture of Doggs Hamlet


    One-Acts: "Dogg's Hamlet"

    The drama group performed Tom Stoppard's "Dogg's Hamlet" at the Reach Performing Arts Center on March 2 and at George Stevens Academy on March 7 to prepare for the Maine Drama Festival at Camden Hills Regional High School on March 9, 2018.


    Our Goals

    The objectives of the George Stevens Academy drama program are to familiarize students with the various genres of dramatic literature and explore the evolution of the theater's artistic movements. Students are encourged to test acting styles and staging techniques and to design sets, lights, props, and costumes.




  • Drama Team

    Moira McMahon

    Moira McMahon



    Deborah Reinke

    Deborah Reinke

    Musical Director


    Marianne Vandiver

    Marianne Vandiver