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    Fall Production: "Antigone"

    ***Performance Postponed***

    The Thespians of GSA will produce Emma Snow and Erin McCormick's fresh adapation of the Greek tragedy "Antigone." Over a 48-hour period, a young princess risks a sentence of death to defy a law she considers unjust, while her loved ones try to persuade against it before it is too late.

        A live performance of the play will take place on the GSA front lawn on Sunday, Nov. 14, at 2 P.M. Seating is limited. Masks requested for all audience members, please, as our actors can't wear theirs. As the show will be outside, dress accordingly for your comfort. The performance is free, but donations to support the Thespians of GSA are always gratefully accepted.

         A filmed version of the play will be released in early December.


         Cast and Crew

    Princess Antigone: Jenna Blodgett

    Princess Ismeni: Delia Lancaster

    Prince Haemon: Daniel Lekan-Salami

    King Creon: Wyatt McKechnie

    Queen Eurydice: Timmy Lloyd

    Captain of the Guards: Matilda Sorich

    Royal Maid: Katrina Walls '16. Yes, an alumna!

    Guard 1: Emma Snow

    Guard 2: Anna Snow

    Guard 3: Lillian Wolfe

    Young Messenger: Thea McKechnie

    Noble Citizens of Thebes: V.T. Hester, Grace Macomber, Oliva Strong, Thea McKechnie, Isla Day, Eve Skoletsky

    Cinematographers: Alexon Astbury and Chek Wingo

    Film Editor: Lillian Wolfe and Alexon Astbury

    Music Director/Sound Designer: Alex Means

    Set Crew/Props Department: Aiden Young, Grace Macomber

         In addition to those named above, there are a few more students who may play citizens and soldiers in the crowd scenes.



    Our Goals

    The objectives of the our group, apart from having fun, are to grow as actors and strengthen our abilities to be truthful, brave, bold, flexible, and supportive on stage or in front of a camera. 

  • Drama Director 

    Erin McCormick

    Erin McCormick '00 directs the Thespians of GSA and teaches English.