• Clubs & Activities
  • At GSA, there are many ways for students to participate in school life outside the classroom.
          For information about our extracurricular visual and performing arts opportunities, visit www.georgestevensacademy.org/arts. For information about our extracurricular athletics, visit www.georgestevensacademy.org/athletics.
          Students at GSA also sign up for a wide variety of activities that take place every Wednesday at 2 P.M. Many of these activities change every semester, but these weekly meetings are also used by many year-round clubs and groups.
          Below is a list of year-round groups or clubs.
    Cereal: Writing and Discussion Group
    Libby Edwardson, Advisor
    Cereal is a student-led writing and discussion group that meets every Tuesday from 4-6 P.M. in the GSA library. Our projects change year to year, but our goal each year is to produce at least one publication which showcases what the students have worked on that year. In addition to writing, we also discuss current events, occasionally watch films, and always have snacks!
    The Civil Rights Team
    Kate Kennedy '99 and Morgan Lowe, advisors
    The Civil Rights Team believes that all students should feel safe, welcome, and respected in school. To reduce bias-motivated behaviors and harassment in our school we are committed to discussing and promoting awareness of issues related to race and skin color, national origin and ancestry, religion, disabilities, gender (including gender identity and expression), and sexual orientation.  Thinking and talking about these issues can help to improve our attitudes, behaviors, and overall school climate.  The Civil Rights Team meets on Wednesday afternoons during activity period.
    Gender and Sexuality Alliance
    Erin McCormick, Advisor
    GSA's GSA is a civil rights club open to all students of all gender identities and persuasions, including straight, who are interested in learning about issues concerning the LGBTQ community and promoting understanding and equality among all students, regardless of gender or sexual orientation here at school and across the country. We meet in the library at lunch every Thursday and also offer movie nights, pizza parties, go on field trips to work with other LGBTQ groups across the state, attend Pride parades, Rainbow Balls, etc. Anyone is welcomed anytime. The officers are Lucy Morison, president, and Magnolia Vandiver, vice president.
    Math Team
    Elisabeth de Sévigné, advisor
    The GSA Math team is a member of the Downeast League (Hancock and Washington counties) of MAML (Maine Association of Math Leagues). Mathletes compete in meets with other schools in our league and statewide. Each meet is a series of individual and team rounds focusing on a wide range of math topics, some that would be familiar to most high school students, and some that are a bit more out-of-the-box.
         Enjoying math and developing overall math skills are our primary goals. 
    Outing Club
    Lou Graceffa, advisor
    The Outing Club, one of the oldest clubs at GSA, strengthens our students' love of the outdoors through activities like skiing, canoeing, and kayaking. Winter activities include both down hill and cross country skiing. Canoeing on the Saco River, ocean kayaking in Blue Hill Bay, and white water rafting on the Kennebec River are spring options. Fundraising is conducted to help defray individual costs. The club is open to all students. No experience or equipment is necessary. 


    Poetry Out Loud 
    Maria Johnson, advisor
    Poetry Out Loud is a poetry recitation competition that takes place at 10,000 schools across the nation. The winner from GSA goes on to regional competition, the winners of which go on to statewide recitations in the hope of advancing to the national contest in April. Read about a student's recent success in the competition here.

    Spanish Club
    Señora Buckingham, advisor
    The club celebrates El Dia de los Muertos annually by having dinner in a Mexican restaurant in the area each fall. The Spanish Club has hosted Una Fiesta de La Navidad with the other language clubs during the holiday season. Traditionally, the club has also raised funds for an individual or group in need. Past recipients have included Spanish Club students with unforeseen medical bills, a Mayan Women's Cooperative, the Hispanic Community in the Harrington and Milbridge area, and The Hancock County Medical Mission-voted upon by those current Spanish Club members. In the spring, the club hosts the annual Hispanic Culture Week, bringing in many community members, parents, and students- past and present to share their travels and experiences in Spanish speaking countries for all Spanish classes throughout that week. All students are welcome to join the club, whether or not they are currently taking Spanish classes.

    Student Council
    Todd Eckenfelder, advisor
    The Student Council at George Stevens Academy provides significant leadership of and service to the school community, assists in the management of the school, and offers a forum for students to speak up and become more involved in the school. Among their most visible events are the fall food drive, a free Thanksgiving dinner for the school community, and the junior prom. 

    Christie A. Snow, advisor

    The yearbook is open to all students at George Stevens Academy. Members should be task oriented, self-motivated, and capable of meeting deadlines. Desktop publishing, writing, photography, art design and many other skills are incorporated.