"Everything was new for me, but many of my teachers and friends have helped me when I have had problems. There are awesome teachers in GSA. Actually, I ask a lot of the teachers. Maybe that irritates them, but they are all kind. This makes me enthusiastic in all I do.Have you ever taken just four classes a day in school? At GSA, we split the eight classes into two days and study four periods a day. I don"t know what others think about this, but I like this system because I don"t get tired of school life. In addition, I have a lot of time to myself. I am so happy that I attend GSA, and I am thankful to the teachers and my friends."

    —Cathy, Korea, 11th Grade

    GSA is a small school - will there be enough classes for me?
    GSA offers more than 140 semester and yearlong classes—more classes than many high schools twice our size! Our classes include "core" courses in all the basic subjects: English, science, math, social studies; as well as fine arts, industrial arts, music, and languages. We offer dozens of "elective" courses, too: in psychology, history, philosophy, marine science, forensics, creative writing, boat-building, and outdoor education, to name a few. We offer ten AP classes; honors level courses in every major discipline; and over 35 clubs, activities and sports.

    How will I know what to take?
    When you arrive at GSA, you will be assigned an advisor: a teacher or administrator who will meet with you every week to help you plan your schedule, troubleshoot when you run into problems, and help you figure out how to get the most out of your GSA experience.

    Does GSA have a college prep program?
    GSA serves many students with many interests. Most of our students - about 90% - plan to attend college or university after high school, and for these students, GSA provides an outstanding college prep program and individual college admissions guidance counseling. Last year's graduating students were admitted to more than 100 American colleges and universities, including some of the most competitive and selective institutions in the U.S. 

    What are GSA teachers and classes like?
    GSA's faculty is exceptionally experienced and devoted to our students. With a student-teacher ratio of 10:1, GSA's teachers really get to know you, and they are always there to help. Classes at GSA are usually very small: most have fewer than 20 students, and many are much smaller than that.

    How many academic classes will I be taking? 
    Students take at least six academic classes each semester. Some students take seven or even eight classes.

    What academic support is available during the school day? 
    GSA has an excellent English as a Second Language (ESL) program, which includes support in regular subject classes as well as English language instruction. Additionally, most GSA students spend one period every day an academic study hall receiving assistance from a certified teacher. Your teachers make themselves available to you for extra help, and many students are peer tutors for other students.

    GSA is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) and by the State of Maine Department of Educational and Cultural Services.


    For more information write to us at m.foster@georgestevens.info