•                                                         VARSITY BASEBALL/SOFTBALL
     Date  Opponent  Location  Game Time  Notes
    4/10 (Cancelled) Bangor Bangor 4pm BB only (Scrimmage)
    4/10 (cancelled) PVHS UMaine 3:30pm SB only Scrimmage
    4/13 (cancelled) MDI Blue Hill 11am Double Header Scrimmage
    4/16(Cancelled) Sumner Sullivan 4:30pm  
    4/19(Cancelled) Ellsworth Blue Hill 1pm Rescheduled to be determined. 
    4/22 Mattawancook Blue Hill 4:30pm  
    4/25 Orono Home 4:30pm  was reschedule and move to home
    4/26(Cancelled) Central East Corinth 4:30pm  Moved to May 11th
    4/29 Dexter Blue Hill 4:30pm  
    5/1 Ellsworth Ellsworth 4:30pm  
    5/2 (Cancelled) Mattawancook Lincoln 4:30pm  Moved to May 23rd
    5/6 DI Blue Hill 4:30pm  
    5/8 Bucksport Bucksport 4:30pm  
    5/11 Central Central 10am  
    5/13 Orono Orono 4:30pm  
    5/17 Ellsworth Blue Hill 4:30pm  
    5/18 Sumner Sullivan 10:30am  
    5/25 (Canceled) Dexter Orono 2:30  Moved to Tues, May 28th
    5/21 Sumner Blue Hill 4:30pm  
    5/23 Mattawancook Lincoln 4:30pm  
    5/24 Central Blue Hill 4:30pm  
    5/27 Bucksport Blue Hill 4:30pm  
    5/28 Dexter Dexter 4:30  
    5/29 DI/Blue Hill DI 4:00/4:30pm  Girls @ DI-4pm, Boys at GSA - 4:30pm
     6/6  Lee Academy Blue Hill  4:30pm  Northern Quarterfinals
     6/8 Orono Blue Hill 12:00 Noon Northern Semifinals
                                                                          JV BASEBALL
       Opponent  Location  Game Time
    4/19 Cancelled) Ellsworth Blue Hill 4:30pm  Rescheduled to  be determined
    4/25 (Cancelled)Bucksport Blue Hill 4:30pm  Rescheduled to  be determined
    4/30 (Postponed) Ellsworth Ellsworth 4:30pm  Rescheduled to  be determined
    5/3 MDI Bar Harbor 4:30pm  Moved from 5/1
    5/7 Bucksport Bucksport 4:00pm  Softball will travel also
    5/9 WA East Machias 4:30pm  
    5/10 MDI (Cancelled) Blue Hill 4:30pm  Rescheduled to  be determined
    5/11 Bucksport Blue Hill 10am Rescheduled from 4/25
    5/15 Brewer Blue Hill 4:30pm  
     5/30 Ellsworth Ellsworth 4:30pm  HC tournament
                                                                VARSITY TENNIS
     Date  Opponent  Location  Game Time
    4/5 (Cancelled) MDI Bar Harbor 3:30pm Scrimmage
    4/22 (Boys Only) Lee Blue Hill 3:00pm Double Header
    4/23 (Cancelled) Ellsworth Ellsworth 4:00pm  
    4/26(Cancelled) DI Blue Hill 4:00pm  Moved to 4/30
    4/29 MA Blue Hill 4:00pm  
    4/30 DI DI 3:00/4:15pm Doubleheader
    5/1 Orono Blue Hill 4:00pm  
    5/2 Ellsworth Ellsworth 4:00pm  
    5/3(Cancelled) PCHS Piscataquis 4:00pm  Moved to 5/21
    5/4 PVHS Blue Hill 11am  Girls Only
    5/8 Orono Orono 3:30pm  
    5/13 PCHS Blue Hill 4:00pm  
    5/15 MDI Blue Hill 4:00pm  
    5/23 MA Lincoln 3:00pm  Moved from 5/20
    5/21 PCHS Guilford 4:00pm Moved from 5/3
     5/29 Van Buren Blue Hill 2pm Quarterfinals - Girls
    5/30 Houlton Blue Hill 3:30pm Quarterfinals - Boys
    6/1 Mattawancook Lincoln 4:30pm Semi-Finals Boys
    6/1 PCHS Blue Hill 2:00pm Semi-Finals Girls
    6/4 Orono-Boys, MA-Girs Lewiston (Bate College 9:15 Northern Finals
                                                       JV TENNIS
     Date  Opponent  Location  Game Time
    4/25 MDI Bar Harbor 4:00pm  
     4/27 Brewer, Matt (Cancelled) Brewer  11am  Weather issue.
     5/4 JB, Orono Blue Hill 11am  
    5/7 Ellsworth(Cancelled) Ellsworth 4pm  Weather
    5/9 MDI (Cancelled) Blue Hill 4pm  
     5/11 Old Town, MDI MDI 11am  
     5/18 Ellsworth, MDI Ellsworth 11am  
    5/20 Ellsworth (cancelled) Blue Hill 4pm  
     5/25 Hermon, Ellsworth Blue Hill 11am  
     5/29 Van Buren Blue Hill 2pm Girls Northern Quarterfinal
     5/30 Houlton Blue Hill 3:30pm Boys Northern Quarterfinal
     Date  Opponent Location
     Game Time
     4/17 Many Bangor 3:30pm  Moved from 4/11
     4/29 Many Hampden 3:30pm  Moved from 4/27
     5/4 Many Brewer 11am  
     5/13 Many MDI 3:30pm  Moved from 5/10
     5/17 Many MDI 3:30pm  Hancock Country meet
     5/22 Many Brewer 3:45 JV Meet
     5/24 Many Bucksport 3:00 PVC Small Schools
     5/28 Many Hampden 3:30 Freshman Meet
     6/1 Many Mt. Blue HS (Farmington_ 10am State Championship
     Date  Opponent Location
     Game Time
    4/6-7 Marblehead Marblehead MA   2 day event
    5/5 Rockland Rockland 9am Reg -- 11am start  
     5/25 Many Castine (GH) 9am  Great Harbor -- MDI regatta in Castine