The MPA has delayed the first 2020 Spring sports pre-season practice until April 27.  Contests potentially will not start until May 9th.  The schedule will resume at that time.  Amount of games, and if any missed events will be rescheduled is unknown at this time.  This includes all Spring Athletic Teams.                  

                                                   VARSITY BASEBALL/SOFTBALL
     Date  Opponent  Location  Game Time  Notes
    4/11 Brewer, Bangor Bangor 3:30/5:30 Scrim (2 games)  Baseball only
    4/14 PCHS Blue Hill 4pm Scrim Baseball/Softball
    4/15 BC Bangor 4pm Scrim Baseball/Softball
    4/18 Narraguagus Blue Hill 12 noon Scrim Basebball/Softball
    4/21 Sumner Blue Hill 4:30pm  
    4/23 MDI Blue Hill 4:30pm  
    4/27 Mattawancook Lincoln 4:30pm  
    4/29 Orono Blue Hill 4:30pm  
    5/1 Central Blue Hill 4:30pm  
    5/4 Dexter Blue Hill 4:30pm  
     5/6 Ellsworth Ellsworth 4:30pm  
     5/8 Mattawancook Blue Hill 4:30pm  
     5/11 WA East Machias 4:30pm  
     5/13 Bucksport Blue Hill 4:30pm  
     5/18 Orono Orono 4:30pm  
     5/22 Dexter Dexter 4:30pm  
     5/26 Sumner Sumner 4:00pm  
     5/29 Central East Corinth 4:30pm  
     6/1 Bucksport Bucksport 4:00pm  
     6/3 WA Blue Hill 4:30pm  
                                                                          JV BASEBALL
       Opponent  Location  Game Time
     4/17 Brewer Blue Hill 4:00pm  
    4/25 Bucksport Bucksport 4:00pm  
     5/7 Ellsworth Blue Hill 4:30pm  
     5/12 Bucksport Blue Hill 4:30pm  
     5/15 MDI Bar Harbor 4:30pm  
     5/25 MDI Blue Hill 4:30pm  
                                                                VARSITY TENNIS
     Date  Opponent  Location  Game Time
     4/27 Lee (2) Blue Hill 3/5pm Double Header
     4/28 Ellsworth Ellsworth 4pm  
     5/1 DI (2) DI 3/5pm Double Header
     5/4 MA Lincoln 4pm  
     5/7 Orono Blue Hill 4pm  
     5/8 PCHS Blue Hill 4pm  
     5/13 Orono Orono 4pm  
     5/18 PCHS Piscataquis 4pm  
     5/20 MDI Bar Harbor 4pm  
     5/25 MA Blue Hill 4pm  
                                                       JV TENNIS
     Date  Opponent  Location  Game Time
    5/2 Brewer, Mattanawcook Brewer 11am  
     5/5 Ellsworth Ellsworth 4pm  
    5/9 Bangor, JB Blue Hill 11am  
     5/12 Ellsworth Blue Hill 4pm  
     5/14 Brewer Blue Hill 4pm  
    5/16 Bangor, JB, MDI Bar Harbor 11am  
     5/21 Brewer Brewer 4:30pm  
     5/23 Ellsworth, MDI Ellsworth 11am  
     5/30 Ellsworth, Brewer Blue Hill 11am  
     Date  Opponent Location
     Game Time
     4/16 Many Hampden 3:30pm  
     5/2  Many Bar Harbor Noon  
     5/9 Many Brewer 10am Relay Carnival
     5/15 Many Hampden 3:30pm  
    5/22 Many Ellsworth 3:30pm  
    5/27 Many Brewer 3:45pm PVC JV Championships
     5/30 Many Dover 11am PVC Small School Championships
     6/2 Many Hampden 3:30pm PVC Frosh Championships
     6/6 Many Brwer 10am State Championships
    6/13 Many New Britain, CT TBD New England Championship
     Date  Opponent Location
     Game Time
    5/2 & 5/3 MarbleHead/MDI Marblehead Sat 9am/Sun 9am