11/23 Scrimmage - 2 games Hermon TBD Var only
    11/30 Winthrop/Boothbay (scrimmage) Winthrop 1:15, 3:45pm Var only
    12/3 (Cancelled) WA East Machias 6:30pm Var only
    12/7 Lee Blue Hill 5:30/7pm  
    12/10 DI DI 5/6:30pm  
    12/12 Central Blue Hill 5:30/7pm  
    12/17 Bucksport Bucksport 5/6:30pm  
    12/19 Sumner Blue Hill 5:30/7pm  
    12/21 Mattawancook  Lincoln 1:00/2:30pm  
    12/27 Calais (cancelled weather) Cross Center - Bangor 3:30pm Var only
    12/30 Searsport Blue Hill 5:30/7pm  
    1/3 Narraguagus Blue Hill 5:30/7pm  
    1/8 Calais Calais 5:00/6:30pm  
    1/10 Bucksport Blue Hill 5:30/7pm  
    1/13 Sumner Sullivan 5/6:30pm  
    1/15 Lee Lee 5/6:30pm  
    1/17 Searsport Searsport 5/6:30pm  
    1/20 Calais Blue Hill 5/6:30pm  
    1/28 Central East Corinth 5/6:30pm  
    1/30 DI Blue Hill 5:30/7pm  
    2/4 Mattanawcook (Senior Night) Blue Hill 7pm  JV Only
    2/5 Narraguagus (New Date and Time) Harrington 3:30pm Varsity Only
     2/8 Sumner (JV Tournament) Sullivan TBD  JV Only
     2/12 Bucksport (Prelim) Blue Hill 6pm Varsity Only
     11/29 MDI/Ells (Scrimmage) MDI 11am/2pm Var only
     11/30 Buckfield, Winthrop Winthrop 12/2:30pm Var only
    12/3 WA (Scrimmage) East Machias 5pm Var only
     12/6 DI DI 6pm Var only
    12/9 Central Blue Hill 5:30/7pm  
    12/11 Narraguagus Harrington 5/6:30pm  
    12/13 Searsport Blue Hill 6pm Var only
    12/16 Ellsworth Blue Hill 6pm JV Girls only
    12/18 Bucksport Blue Hill 5:30/7:00 JV vs MDI/Var vs Bucksport
    12/27  Mattawancook (Cancelled Weather) Cross Center - Bangor 6:30pm  Moved to 1/20
     1/2 Central East Corinth 5:00/6:30pm  
     1/4 Calais Blue Hill 1/2:30pm  
    1/6 Lee Blue Hill 6pm Varsity Only
    1/8 Searsport Searsport 6:30pm Var only
    1/9 MDI Bar Harbor 6pm JV Girls only
    1/11 Narraguagus Blue Hill 2:00/3:30pm  
    1/13 Ellsworth Ellsworth 6pm JV Girls only
    1/14 MDI Blue Hill 4:30pm JV Girls Only
    1/16 DI (Postponed) Blue Hill 6pm Var only
    1/18 Calais Calais 1/2:30pm  
    1/20 Mattanawcook Lincoln 1/2:30PM  
    1/22 Sumner Sullivan 6:00pm Var only
    1/24 Sumner Blue Hill 6pm Var only
    1/25 DI Blue Hill 1pm Var only
    1/29 Bucksport Bucksport 6pm Var only
    1/31 Lee Lee 5:30/7pm New time
    2/4 Mattanawcook  (Senior Night) -- New Date/Time Blue Hill 5:30pm Var only
     2/8 Sumner (JV Tournament Sullivan TBD JV Only
     2/11 Fort Fairfield  (Prelim) Fort Fairfield 6pm Varsity Only
     12/10 MDI Blue Hill 4:30pm  
    12/11 Hermon Hermon 4:30pm  
    12/14 Sumner Sumner 11am  
    12/28 JB Bangor 10am  
    1/6 WA Blue Hill 4:00pm  
    1/8 Hermon Blue Hill 4:30pm  
    1/9 MDI Bar Harbor 4:30pm  
    1/13 Ellsworth Ellsworth  4:30pm  
     1/23 WA East Machias 4:00pm  
     1/25 JB  Blue Hill 10am  
     1/31 Sumner Blue Hill 4:30pm  
     2/3 JV2 Prelim Ellsworth 4:30pm  
     12/21 Many UMO 1:30pm  
     12/28 Many UMO 2:30pm  
     1/4 Many (Relays) UMO 2:30pm  
     1/11 Many UMO 1:30pm  
     1/18 Many UMO 10am  
     1/25 Many UMO 10am  
     2/1 Many UMO 9am  
    2/8 Many (EMITL Championships) UMO 3pm  
    12/7 Brewer Inv Brewer 12noon  
     12/17 MDI Ellsworth 7pm  
    12/30 Ells + Ellsworth 6pm  
     1/10 FA Dover  6:15pm  
     1/17 WA Ellsworth 6pm  
     1/24 Brewer  (Senior Night) Ellsworth 6pm  
     1/31 Ellsworth Ellsworth 6pm  
     2/8 Boys PVC's UMO  6pm  
     2/8 Girls PVC's UMO 1pm