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    About George Stevens Academy
    Founded in 1803, George Stevens Academy has served as an independent community high school for more than two hundred years. With approximately 330 students from eight "sending towns," other surrounding communities, and fifty international students, GSA is both large enough to offer an exceptional diversity of outstanding programs, and small enough for teachers to know their students and work with them individually as needed. 
    Maine law requires towns without public high schools to provide tuition for accredited schools for their residents. Each year, the state sets a maximum tuition allowance that these towns must pay to support their residents' high school education. George Stevens Academy accepts the state-set tuition allowance as payment in full for students from "tuitioning" or "sending" towns.


    Enrollment of Students from Sending Towns
    GSA admits all qualified students from Blue Hill, Brooklin, Sedgwick, Penobsot, Brooksville, Castine, Orland, and Surry who can benefit from our academic program. We strongly encourage every high school-age student from these towns to explore George Stevens Academy and consider enrolling.

    GSA Distinctives

    ·          GSA’s core curriculum guarantees that all students graduate with a well-rounded education in the language arts, social studies, math and science, and fine and industrial arts.

    ·          GSA offers a remarkable array of "elective" classes that appeal to many students: Forensics, Philosophy, the Holocaust, Book Arts, Latin, Journalism, Maine Writers

    ·          GSA offers AP courses in English, US History, Human Geography, Calculus AB/BC, Physics, Biology, Drawing, Environmental Science, and Statistics.

    ·          GSA offers programs in Culinary Arts, Eastern Maine Skippers, and Cooperative Education.

    ·          Independent Study provides every junior and senior the opportunity to spend two or three weeks pursuing an area outside of school, whether to explore a possible career, or to learn more about an academic interest.


    For more information about admission to George Stevens Academy, 
    or to visit GSA and spend a day shadowing a student, 
    contact Christie Snow, Admissions Officer, at (207) 374-2808.