• English for Speakers of Other Languages

  • Overview
    GSA’s English for speakers of other languages courses are designed to correspond with a rigorous college preparatory program while supporting the English language acquisition process for increased fluency in writing, comprehension, and communication. Each level takes one semester, and passing the course through assignments, participation, and various assessment methods is required to go on to the next level. 
          ESOL includes weekly support for science and history course assignments.
          English Extra: By teacher recommendation or by student request, additional academic and English support for other assignments and strengthening language and study skills is available. 
    Initial placement
    GSA offers an English Placement Exam so that students receive the language support that is most appropriate for their needs, and courses are designed to address individual’s unique challenges and strengths. This test is administered on campus to all students for whom English is a second language. Students are placed into an ESOL class (or exempted from ESOL) based on their scores on these tests.

    Students who successfully complete a course advance to the next level. Students may take a mainstream English class and their final ESOL class concurrently; they must take mainstream English after completing the ESL courses. Students taking two ESOL classes concurrently receive English credit for one and electives credit for the other.