• Giving Day

  • Giving Day is an opportunity for George Stevens Academy alumni, parents, grandparents, friends, and other supporters who have not yet given this year to come together on one day to make a gift to The GSA Fund as the end of our fiscal year approaches.

          After the vibrant workshops and performances of Arts Fest, the first full week of June signals the tail end of the school year. Graduation is on the horizon, and young alumni have returned home from college. Students are focused on getting through the final stretch, yet it also is a time of excitement, anticipation, and celebration.

          We hope to capture that energy by inviting you to celebrate with us and to support The GSA Fund, which helps cover the substantial gap between the state-set tuition received from sending towns and the cost of providing a comprehensive GSA education.

          Local coffee and snacks will be available first thing in the morning for anyone who would like to stop in to say "hi" and make a donation in person. If you gave to The GSA Fund since last July, no additional gift is expected, but we welcome you to join us for snacks and to help spread the word about Giving Day. Broad participation in The GSA Fund is vital to the health of our school, and we hope to see a great show of support from all who care about George Stevens Academy and our students.

          Throughout the day, volunteers will make phone calls and send texts to encourage support and build excitement. Updates and fun photos will be posted on GSA's Facebook page throughout the day.

          In 2018, as a special incentive, a loyal GSA supporter committed $5,000 if we met our goal of 250 donations on Giving Day. Together, we all met that goal! Giving Day is a perfect example of how your contribution of any size helps GSA directly and by securing larger donations from leadership donors.