• George Stevens Academy

    23 Union Street, Blue Hill, ME 04614

    Front Office: (207) 374-2808  Fax: (207) 374-2982

    Day Admissions: Email Jane O'Connor, Day Admissions Director, at j.oconnor@georgestevens.org or call the front office.

    Boarding Admissions: Email Todd Eckenfelder, Boarding Admissions Director, at t.eckenfelder@georgestevens.org) or call the front office.

    Business: (207) 374-5081

    Advancement: (207) 374-2800

    Student Services: (207) 374-2120

    Other Inquiries: Call the Front Office or search the Faculty and Staff Directory.


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    Communicating with the GSA Community

    Parent/Guardian Bulletin: This weekly bulletin is an important way we communicate with parents about events, news, and more, but staff, trustees, and others also sign up to receive it. To keep the bulletin as relevant as possible, we do not include personal ads, commercial ads, political programs and appeals, or items not directly relevant to GSA. Announcements for the Parent/Guardian Bulletin can be sent to Mark Messer (m.messer@georgestevens.org), who will add it if it is appropriate to do so. The usual deadline is 9 a.m. the last school day of the week.

    Canvas Announcements to Students: We use our Canvas online learning platform to send the Weekly Student Bulletin to students the first school day of the week. Announcements for students can be sent to Mark Messer (m.messer@georgestevens.org), who will share them if appropriate. The usual deadline is 9 a.m. the last school day of the week.

    Reaching Staff: Announcements for all faculty and staff can be sent to Gail Strehan at g.strehan@georgestevens.org. For info on contacting a teacher or other staff member directly, visit our online DIRECTORY.

    Advancement Contact Info Update: To sign up to receive our magazines or other Advancement communications, or to update your contact information on our Advancement mailing list, CLICK HERE. Read our recent magazines HERE.